Welcome to #FREE a friendly, confidential, free Domestic Abuse Service for men, women and children. You will be free from judgement, free to speak your truth and have your voice heard.

Support & Advocacy

#FREE is a confidential, free Domestic Abuse Support service based in Malvern, it is available to men, women and their children and children aged over 16. #FREE is fully inclusive, supporting those from the LGBTQ+, Black, Asian minorities, those working in the sex industry and Gypsy, Roma & Traveller communities.
If you or a professional, friend or a family member who has concerns, you can make a self/agency referral into our service. #FREE has experienced Support and Advocacy workers who are here to support you.

LGBTQ+ community

We understand and are committed to the fight for recognition that gender and sexuality is a powerful lever that abusers use. We acknowledge that there are additional barriers in accessing support for the LGBTQ+ community and want to provide a service which continuously evolves to support the need.

“ Hope will never be silent “

Harvey Milk

What is abuse?

Do you have a feeling something isn’t right in your relationship, do you feel helpless, controlled, scared, confused or irritable, do you tread on eggshells? Then you are not alone and you could be in an abusive relationship.


Professionals and third party referrals – please complete the online referral form.

Individuals that would like support can either call the helpline or complete the online self-referral form.


Do you feel you have to do or say things that you don’t really agree to, to keep the peace, prevent an assault, stop an argument or to stop the abuse. Are there consequences if you don’t comply? This is coerced consent.

A Survivor’s Story

At first the relationship was amazing, fun, and a breathe of fresh air. After months of seeing each other we moved in together, this wasn’t discussed. With hindsight this was a warning sign as was his abusive behaviour.

There were “low level” warning signs that I brushed off or rationalised somehow by making excuses for his behaviour-he was tired or stressed. However over time he started to show his true colours and the abuse was significant.

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Victim story

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Victim story

take a stand against domestic abuse

We must all adopt a zero tolerance approach to domestic abuse and violence, by breaking the cycle of abuse and being role models for the future generations. We can do this by never committing, condoning or staying silent about this insidious crime.

"I want women to know that they deserve a life of respect, dignity and freedom - that it's never too late to speak up"

Samra's # survivors story